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tony horton p90x3Just when you thought world renowned fitness trainer Tony Horton couldn’t create a more extreme program, he does it again.  P90X3 is not only intense, but also addresses one of the most common reasons for fitness failure, which is lack of time.   I know this is one of my most common excuses.  There simply does not seem to be enough time in the day to get things done, let alone fit in an hour long fitness routine.

While time is a factor, Tony also understands the importance of a quality fitness program.  Therefore, he designed a workout program designed to fit in an hour’s worth of intense exercises into half an hour per day without sacrificing the effectiveness of each workout.  In this P90X3 review, learn the concept and basics behind this revolutionary system.

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Tony combines the original concept behind P90X of muscle confusion with the breakthrough muscle acceleration concept to create a challenging muscle building fitness program.  The intense moves are designed to provide the same results in thirty minutes as they would in an hour.

To build lean muscle, Tony uses eccentric motion that lengthens your muscle.  Although the workouts are fast paced, he does slow down the tempo of the motion resulting in more muscle being activated which improves growth potential.

To ensure this program was in fact as effective as a longer workout, Tony put a group of people through the program and kept track of their results.  He was actually surprised to learn that the entire group had a fat loss of 34%.  Even more surprising was the fact that this is consistent with the results of an hour long program.

Main Differences

While the obvious difference is the fact that you will be working harder with shorter workouts, there are a few differences worth mentioning between this version and the first two.  In the first two versions, the moves are still difficult but are performed at a much slower pace.

The moves in this version are MMA inspired.  You will find all new agility moves, as well as a new Pilates based workout.  The cardiovascular routines are performed with weights.  You are given the opportunity to choose a schedule based on your individual fitness goals.

The Program

This extreme exercise system is a 90-day program designed to be completed in three blocks.  Blocks one and two are 4 weeks long and the third block is a 5-week period.  There is an extra block called the Elite Block for those who wish to go past the 90-day schedule.   The Elite Block can only be done with the Deluxe or Ultimate kits as the 3 additional workouts are required for this block.

Something that I really like about this program is the fact that you have schedule options based on your personal fitness goals.   There are four calendar schedule options.  These are broken down into the following options:

  • Classic – Combines strength, cardio, and conditioning exercises for a whole body workout.
  • Lean – Focuses on fat burning through cardiovascular exercises.
  • Doubles – Doubles up the workouts turning 30 minutes a day into an hour.
  • Mass – Increases muscle mass and weight through strength training exercises.

This is not a “one size fits all” experience, which makes this workout system so effective.  Which option is best for you?  It basically depends on your end goal.  I know for me that the Doubles option is not anything I desire considering the main reason I would probably purchase this exercise program is because of the shorter workouts.  I probably would not start off with the Mass option since I am trying to lose and not gain the weight.

I think my first choice would be the Lean option, as I need to burn fat so I can lose weight.   The best thing about these options is the fact that I can switch from one option to another as my personal fitness goals change.

For example, once I reach my fat burning and weight loss goals, I will likely want to increase lean muscle mass.  At this point in time, gaining weight will likely not be as big of a deal to me as it is right now.  I may even decide that the Doubles option is more appealing as I build up my strength and intensity level.   These options make this home exercise system extremely effective for people of all fitness levels at any given point in time.

The P90X3 Workouts

All workouts are 30 minutes long except for the Ab Ripper X3, which is only 15 minutes long.  They all have a 2 to 3 minute warm-up and cool-down.   They are divided into four categories, which include:  Resistance, Power, Cardio, and Core/Flexibility/Balance.

Resistance Workouts

Hate eating veggies
  1. Total Synergistics
  2. The Challenge
  3. Incinerator
  4. The Warrior
  5. Eccentric Upper
  6. Eccentric Lower

Power Workouts

  1. Agility
  2. Triometrics
  3. Decelerator

Cardio Workouts

  1. CVX
  2. MMX
  3. Accelerator

Core, Flexibility & Balance

  1. X3 Yoga
  2. Pilates X
  3. Isometrix
  4. Dynamix

All of these workouts will push you past your limits creating fast and extreme results!


I am impressed with the modifications for most of the moves allowing you to go at your own pace.  Don’t get me wrong.  You will still be moving at a fast pace; however, you will be able to gradually improve your moves making each exercise much more effective for you personally.

It is important to understand that P90X3 is an advanced fitness program.  While there are many modifications and different scheduling options, the exercises found on this program are intense.  While the other exercise systems in this series are not required, it may be beneficial to you to start off with them to build up your strength.

Hate eating veggies

While this does make sense, I personally would rather purchase the P90X3 because it is the newest and has the shorter workouts and just work my way up to where I can actually perform the exercises.   Therefore, I would expect to have to repeat the 90-day process a number of times before I actually saw extreme results.  This is just my opinion.  If you have the money and want to try the other workouts in the P90X series, then that is also an excellent route to take for those of you not quite ready for the extreme intensity of this new version.

Nutrition Plan

The P90X3 nutrition system provides your body with the nutrition it needs to help you reach your personal fitness and health goals.  While its success is based on a measurement and tracking system, the plan does all the work for you.  All you have to do is answer a few simple questions designed to guide you through to ensure the best plan is chosen for you.

The nutrition plan is divided into 3 simple steps.   These include:

  • Step 1 – Nutrition Quiz
  • Step 2 – Calorie Plan
  • Step 3 – Tracking

The Nutrition Quiz will ask you basic questions, such as your gender, weight, activity level, and whether you want to lose, maintain, or gain weight.   Each answer is assigned a specific score.  After you calculate your score, you will move onto Step 2.

I was actually surprised at how easy it was to select a calorie plan.  It is based on your score in Step 1.  It is as simple as that!  There are six plans:

  • Plan A – 1,500 Calories
  • Plan B – 1,800 Calories
  • Plan C – 2,100 Calories
  • Plan D – 2,400 Calories
  • Plan E – 2,700 Calories
  • Plan F – 3,000 Calories

The P90X3 diet plan does differ from the original P90X plan.  With the original P90X plan, your diet consisted of a 50/30/20 plan consisting of 50% proteins, 30% carbs, and 20% fats.  The P90X3 plan consists of a 30/40/30 plan consisting of 30% proteins, 40% carbs, and 30% fats.  You will be consuming healthy, whole, fresh foods and supplements.   Shakeology, by the Beachbody team, is a highly recommended supplement.

I know that tracking your progress is an annoying process.  However, I truly believe that keeping track of the foods you put into your body is extremely effective at helping to keep you motivated.  Motivation is a key factor when it comes to reaching your diet goals.  The plan makes it extremely simple to keep track ensuring you are eating the right foods based on the 30/40/30 ratio.   All you have to do is check off what you have eaten.

Good Video About P90x3

Challenge Pack Contents

Base Kit – $119.85

  • 16 Workouts
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Fitness Guide

Deluxe Kit – $239.70

Includes everything in the Base Kit plus…

  • 3 Additional Workouts
  • E&E Energy and Endurance
  • 3 Pro-Grade Resistance Bands

Ultimate Kit – $329.55

Includes everything in the Deluxe Kit plus…

  • Premium Beachbody Jump Mat
  • P90X Results and Recovery Formula
  • P90X Chin-Up Bar
  • P90X Chin-Up Max

Equipment Needed


  • Dumbbells or Resistance Bands
  • Pull Up Tower or Resistance Band Door Attachment


  • Yoga Mat
  • PowerStands
  • P90X Chin-Up Max
  • P90X App

Before / After Pictures

Here are a few pictures of real people working real hard of p90x3 day 1 and then p90x3 day 90.

Male p90x3 before after pic

Female p90x3 before after picture.

Final Thoughts

I am definitely impressed with this workout system.   While the workouts are only 30 minutes long, you will actually be getting the benefits of an hour long routine.   More fitness trainers are realizing that shorter, more intense workouts are in demand, and they are also discovering these shorter routines are just as effective.

IPhone and Android users can download a video app that works in conjunction with the workouts.  There are interactive features that will help you stay motivated and keep you accountable.   It can be used for all P90X versions.   If you are ready for a total body transformation and are willing to work extremely hard for 30 minutes a day, then P90X3 is definitely worth trying.

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  1. I’m just a week in and I’m loving it too. The Agility X and Warrior training were really tough. Well, the CVX was crazy too. Glad to finally have my rest day! Excited to get back at it tomorrow, though.

  2. which workouts do you do in AM in the doubles schedule?

  3. I’m active military, and I’ve tried this program. If you can’t get into shape with this, then you didn’t try… It’s far more intense than any military exercises that I’ve gone through. Soldiers love this program.

  4. On my second full week of the classic program and loving it. Totally works out every thing you have

  5. How difficult is this P90X3? I loved the P90X 1, and I go to the gym daily, but I’m not one of those people that just can kick butt at the gym, never have been. I tried the Insanity, and I couldn’t do it, it made me depressed. Is the P90X3 as hard as the Insanity?

    • Hi Dee, P90X3 is not insanity. If you liked P90X you should really like 3. I personally did not like P90X2 and many people felt the same. Using the stability ball and medicine balls just wasn’t what I wanted in a p90x workout. If you do try it, and I hope you do, come back and let me know what you thought. OK?

    • I’ve been doing P90X3 for about 2 months now, and I have gotten amazing results. And I’m so happy for starting it. I would say that if you haven’t worked out in awhile and you want to do P90X3 then start with classic. But if you have been working out before starting P90X3 then start with lean. That is what I did and I’m getting amazing results. :)

  6. I’ve been doing P90X3 for about 2 months now, and I have gotten amazing results. And I’m so happy for starting it. I would say that if you haven’t worked out in awhile and you want to do P90X3 then start with classic. But if you have been working out before starting P90X3 then start with lean. That is what I did and I’m getting amazing results. :)

  7. I’ve been using P90X3 since March of this year and I’ve gained a substantial amount of muscle mass and strength all the while losing my gut and dropping a waist size. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to get in the best shape of their life!

    • Hey Sam,

      Conrgats on the results. I started the program two weeks ago and was wondering if you stuck with the classic or the mass schedule to achieve your results?

  8. P90X3 is amazing and if you actually do the exercises as the schedule goes you WILL see results… it’s only 30 minutes and you feel awesome after it. I did the 90 days and saw amazing results, now I’m starting the workout routine over again. I really enjoy it! I used to go to the gym 5 days/wk and do cardio and resistance machines, but I no longer go to the gym because this workout works everything!! It’s amazing not just for people who want to lose weight but also for thinner people to gain muscle and tone. All in all P90X3 is all you need to stay active and see results!

  9. I agree P90X3 is intense but you will see progress. I was exposed to it from a co-worker who never did the cold start, 12 min warm up. Every time I would be agony within a few hours or unable to do parts of the workout. Since she moved, I bought the program and do it before work and do cold start. I rarely ache as intensely. I hit the pause button a lot to let my heart rate slow down. I haven’t lost a lot of weight but that is because I still enjoy some good tasty food. I have gained 10 lbs of muscle mass and am losing inches in my waistline. So far none of my home workouts are close to 30 min except yoga.

  10. I’m a huge TRX fan and user. Are these workouts amenable for use with a suspension trainer as opposed to dumbells?

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